How To Travel America is a book and website dedicated to making your visit to the United States the easiest and most pleasant possible. We list a variety of resources, and offer a wealth of information on the practical aspects of traveling to and within America…….

We realized that there is a great deal of information on how to travel to Europe or Asia or other places of the world; that there are car-rental and hotel-booking websites; and that there are hundreds of guidebooks to specific world-wide destinations. Yet we also realized that there was a need for basic How-To information about traveling to America, which included all the little details which can make your travels infinitely more enjoyable…….

How To Travel America is not a destination guidebook. With a few differences, we do not recommend specific places to see or things to do. Rather, our goal is to help you gain information, and to help you make your travels more interesting.

In the complete book How To Travel America, we provide significantly more in-depth chapters on all the topics (as well as many other topics) we mention on this website. Yet on the website, we still offer a huge selection of resources…….

We hope you enjoy the book and website as much as we enjoyed gathering and providing the
information. Happy traveling.